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LBRET Celebrates 6 Years

6th_birthday_cupcakeWe are so much more than a full service real estate firm; we’re a team of professionals making every effort to help you find and live your perfect lifestyle.

We’re proud of what we’re doing at Lloyd Barnes Real Estate Team and as we march into January, we also approach our 6th year as a strong boutique Real Estate firm in both Central and South Texas. That’s right, six years! Many of you reading this either know or have had some sort of Real Estate experience with our fearless leader, AKA Lloyd Barnes. And if not, hopefully you’ve experienced one of the awesome team members. Lloyd has had over 17 years of Real Estate experience and there was a standard he pressed when starting the team back in January of 2008: Be the Professional and act in your clients best interest. Period.

We’ve taken this to heart and have built a system that dedicates ourselves to acting in the best interest of each party and striving to raise the bar in this industry to help each client achieve their perfect lifestyle. You see, it’s so much more than finding the right amount of bedrooms in a house, the right piece of land with a certain type of soil, the right location to place your business, or start your family. It’s more; it’s a lifestyle. We get that.

Were excited about the new year as we continue to grow and deliver a presence in the Real Estate industry that’s above the norm through customer service and marketing on the next level. We’re excited to help you find your next lifestyle. Happy New Year!