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I’m looking to rent

Looking to Rent?

Finding a rental home can be a challenging process. We’re here to help make the rental process as easy as possible.

What is included in the price of a rental?

Each lease is different, so review yours thoroughly to see what is included. Not all landlords provide certain appliances so you will want to make sure which appliances are included. Typically, you will be responsible for all utilities, including connection fees, cable, internet, etc. Yard maintenance is a typical tenant cost as well when renting a single family home.

Am I insured?

Most insurance on a rental property only covers the property itself. It is strongly advised to purchase Rental Insurance as a tenant to protect your personal possessions.

What should I expect in fees as a prospective tenant?

As a tenant, you should expect to provide the first month’s rent and a security deposit at the time of move-in. Some landlords will also require an application fee prior to securing a lease. Pet deposits, which vary, are usually non-refundable.

The Renter’s Checklist

  • Determine what you are comfortable spending (including utilities, cable, etc.).
  • Find a local agent; have them confirm the rental is in line with the market rates of similar rentals.
  • Know when you will need to move into your new home. Typically landlords will not hold a property more than 30 days.
  • Identify any “must have” features, e.g. washer/dryer, garage, fenced yard, etc.
  • If you own pets, find out the policies regarding pets. Some units have strict regulations regarding pets.
  • Once your application is reviewed and reference checks are done you will be asked to sign a lease and settle any outstanding applicable fees which will ensure that the rental is yours.
  • Before you move in, get renter’s insurance.